We have a team of Pastoral Workers at Hull Minster providing prayer, support and a listening ear to those in need, particularly those who are lonely, isolated and vulnerable. They are made up of volunteers and ministry staff all trained and equipped to be able to support those in need.

As a Minster, we offer many activities to help people socialise, such as Minster Lunch, craft activities (Minster Crafters), the knitting group (Minster Knitters), and community trips. All provide fellowship, diversity and fun.

Hull Minster continue to develop close partnerships with probation and social services to help integrate vulnerable individuals back into society through encouragement, advice and compassion.

As part of volunteering programme, we work with the Job Centre to place service users in a supportive environment to reskill, nurture and motivate, to help them make a positive contribution to society.

A team from Hull Minster offers, as part of its homeless programme, hot drinks and sandwiches to two sites in Hull twice a week. Consistency is key to developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with each individual. We are proud to have not missed a day in almost six years, inclusive of Christmas day and new years eve.

Our Pastoral Care Worker, Sarah Glenton, is a Christian presence on the Great Thornten estate where she lives with her family. Her diverse role includes meeting with parents at the school gate, organising family and community events, and meeting on a one to one basis to offer support, prayer and guidance.

For more information about our work please contact Rev Irene Wilson.

E: irene@hullminster.org
T: 01482 224460