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In May 2017 Holy Trinity was renamed ‘Hull Minster’. What does this mean for us as a church and community?

While this title does not change our legal status as a parish church, or the way we are governed (by clergy, PCC and church wardens) or financed (as a local church, mainly through giving of members and visitors), this title does reflect our vision and calling a city centre church. Archbishop Sentamu decided to re-designate us as Hull Minster in acknowledgment of our growth and ministry and in anticipation of what is to come.

Becoming a Minster is both about acknowledging what we already do in serving our city and the wider church and looking to expand this work in the future. Being a Minster is also about being a distinctly Christian presence in the city - everything we do comes from the fact that we are a worshipping community of Christians seeking to become more like Jesus. Our vocation or calling as a Minster Church includes:

WORSHIP - As a Minster, we have a committed ‘Minster Community', those who see our Sunday congregations as 'their church', and those who volunteer with us and serve on our team. We welcome many occasional worshippers who join us for seasonal services or when visiting the city. Our worship is expressed in different styles to allow everyone to worship in a way that expresses their spirituality. Our weekly Wednesday Lunchtime Communion is a time when we encourage all our regular staff, volunteers and community to worship together in the week.

TRAINING and RESOURCING - As a Minster, we are continuing to grow our capacity to resource other churches through gathered training events, quiet days and mission opportunities. We regularly host ordinands on placement and offer other training opportunities for university students. We also resource our volunteers in gaining skills for work and life through their involvement with us.

CIVIC - As Minster, we continue our civic role in the city, hosting civic events and services and being an encouragement to those involved in governing and caring for our city. We are a 'prophetic voice' of encouragement, challenge and hope to the city. Our church building is open throughout the week to welcome visitors and pilgrims, always seeking to offer the love of God to all who enter.

Our Purpose

Worship: Encounter God in a variety of worship styles on Sundays and throughout the week and be equipped to worship God throughout the week.

Enjoy: Visit our amazing building for a variety of artistic, cultural, community and corporate events.

Explore: Discover 700 years of cultural and spiritual heritage, and explore the Christian faith for yourself.

Belong: Join in with one of our many volunteer and interest groups, find friendship and serve the city.