ChurchSuite is an app that lets you can see what’s going on in the life of our church, sign up to events, check rota’s and lots more. We use ChurchSuite for our church database, to let you know what's coming up and how you can get stuck in to church life during the week. All of our sign-ups are done through ChurchSuite, including rotas, so it's a very useful tool if you want to become better connected.

Scroll down to find out how to sing up to ChurchSuite and how to start using it.

To log in to ChurchSuite click the button below.


You can download ChurchSuite from the App Store or Google Play or use it through a computer. If you would like to sign up to ChurchSuite all you need to do is follow some quick easy steps. 

1. Fill out the online form or within Hull Minster

To start off, you'll need to fill out the registration form. Fill out the form in as much detail as you can. Your personal address, email and telephone number will not be shared, they are just to help us if we need to contact you directly and create you an account.

You are also able to fill in a form directly in the church. Speak to a member of staff for more details about how to do this.

If you are a parent, you are also able to add your children. They have different account styles to adults and this can be explained by talking to the Children’s Leader.


2. Register

Once you've filled out the form or completed it in church, we'll add your details onto ChurchSuite and send you an invitation via email.

Your invitation to Hull Minster ChurchSuite should look like this.

Click the link on the invitation to register.


Logging In


When you log in to ChurchSuite you will need to select a church. Type 'Hull Minster' into the search bar and our name should pop up. Click on our name to access your account. You can also get to this by clicking to the button at the top of the page.

Enter your full email address and password to log in. Make sure that the drop down bar is clicked on MyChurchSuite.

Logging In on the App

When you log in to ChurchSuite you will need to select a church. Type 'Hull Minster' into the search bar and our name should pop up. Click on our name and enter your full email address and password to log in. 

How do I use it?

From ChurchSuite you can see upcoming events as well as your groups and rotas. By clicking on 'My Events' from the menu (see images below) you can access the church calendar and scroll through to see what's happening in advance and sign up for events you're interested in. If you're part of the church and want to join a group you can do this by clicking on 'My Groups' or view your rotas using ‘My Rotas’.

To view what is happening in Hull Minster, go to the ‘My Events’ to view a calendar. This is where any Hull Minster organised event (such as tour tours etc.) tickets are purchased from.


Finding Rotas on Churchsuite

All Hull Minster rotas are now organised through ChurchSuite as an efficient way for both the ministry team to arrange them and those serving to make adjustments. Rotas are organised by services which by default everyone is assigned to depending on your sign up selection. The rotas are found under the ‘My Rotas’ section. You are able to view, arrange swaps and sign up to different rotas and specific roles required for each service. You will be assigned to a service role by the ministry team member responsible for that role and these specific roles where you are serving are visible from the ‘My Rotas’ home.

By clicking on each service rota, you will be able to see who is assigned to each role (depending on permissions) and where you have been assigned to serve. By default, the view is set to show only the services you are assigned to so to view all weeks, click on the drop down menu which says “My dates” and select “All dates”.

Adding Rotas to my Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or iOS Calendar.

You can add your rota to your personal calendar so that when you are serving, it also appears on your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar as well. This will automatically update with when you have agreed and been assigned a serving slot. To add this, click on the ‘My Rotas’ tab and then in the top right the iCal or Google button. The iCal should be used to have your calendar subscribed to your iOS or Outlook Calendar and Google for android calendars and Google Calendars.

I can’t serve on a day I have been assigned to. How do I change this?

As previously with rotas, the ministry team will by default schedule you to be serving on a specific Sunday. To change this if you are unavailable, please organise with another member of the rota to either do a swap or for them to take on an extra serving session. It is is then crucial that this is recorded in ChurchSuite by opening up the rota, finding your name next to the specific service and clicking ‘organise swap’. The name of the individual now fulfilling that serving slot can be selected and also if you are doing a swap on the rota by choosing one of their serving slots under the ‘return swap’ menu.


I know I am going to be away. How can I make sure I am not assigned to this service?

Under the ‘My Rotas’ tab, there is a section called ‘Unavailability’. By clicking on ‘+ Unavailability’ then you can set the dates when you will not be available. If there is a change in plan, then the unavailability can be removed by clicking on the three dots next to that unavailability date.


If you're still finding it tricky to get to grips with ChurchSuite feel free to ask one of the ministry team or welcomers for more information.

You can also contact the church office by calling 01482 224460 or email