Here at Hull Minster, we believe that age shouldn't be a barrier to enjoying church or discovering God for yourself.

We welcome and aim to be inclusive of everyone, whatever your experience of faith, and we equip people to grow in their faith and relationship with God.

Our regular activities are:

Sunday 9.30 service - Minster Kids activities during the service, monthly 'Kids Communion' and children regularly leading prayers
Sunday 11.15 Service - Minster Kids and Minster Youth activities during the service,
Fridays 10am (term time) - 'Little Fishes' Baby and Toddler group
Fridays 5.30pm (fortnightly) – F5 Bible study and social for 11-18s (in Parish Centre)


We also have Saturday Celebrations for kids every other month, Christmas, Easter and Light parties, Posadas, youth residential trips, summer socials, fundraising activities and a holiday club! Members of Minster Youth (11-18s) also help on 'Junior Team' alongside our adult volunteers doing everything from welcoming and worship to being a kids leader!

If you haven't seen it already, be sure to check out the hashtag #PrayersbyMinsterKids (formerly #PrayersbyHTKids) on twitter! It's where we share prayers written by our 3-11s every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with guest posts by our 11-18s under #PrayersbyMinsterYouth. 

 All activities are run in accordance with the Diocese of York's Safeguarding Guidelines and have resources to help include children and young people with Additional Needs.

Coming Soon


26th March - 21st April - Easter Posada
14th-28th April - Holy Week Experience
27th April - Saturday Celebration (3-11s)
29th June - Saturday Celebration (3-11s)
26th July - Little Fishes’ Summer Party
26th July - F5 Summer Party
3-12th August - Pilgrimage to Taizé (15+ residential)
21-24th August - Youthfest @ Wydale Hall (11-18s residential)
27-29th August - Holiday Club (5-11s)

Check social media or email Charlotte for details!