Una dusts her last pew after 33 years service

She has faithfully dusted and vacuumed Holy Trinity for decades in an effort to keep the church gleaming.

Now 88-year-old Una Beswick has hung up her feather duster for the last time and retired from cleaning duties.

Una has been a committed member of Holy Trinity’s voluntary Sanctuary Guild which meets every Saturday morning to keep the church looking spick and span.

“I feel proud that I’ve served the church in this way. I come for the company as much as anything else. I decided that I couldn’t really face another winter so thought it was a good time to stop.  We need some of the younger church members to get involved now.”

Una, who was presented with a cake and flowers, plans to continue volunteering on the church shop and attend the 11.15am service.

Holy Trinity verger, Gordon Barley, who organises the Guild, said: “Una has been a wonderful, dedicated worker. We’ll miss her very much.”

If you’re interested in helping us clean Holy Trinity, email us enquiries@holytrinityhull.com