Museum of the Moon, Freedom Festival, September 2018

Museum of the Moon, Freedom Festival, September 2018

Resilience and strength -

developing skills and exploring ways to reveal and sustain the heritage

Thanks to lottery players investment, we have an opportunity to strengthen and grow Hull Minster for the future. The Resilient Heritage project will equip the minster with structures, systems, and management information to enable them to manage the asset for future generations, equip the teams with skills to undertake projects which make the Minster sustainable and help the Minster team to understand, evaluate and plan for future projects.

Our project aims to secure the future of our heritage asset, Hull Minster, by reviewing the effectiveness of our organisation, identifying new ways of working, and strengthening the skill set of those working for the organisation.  We need to identify routes to developing and maintaining volunteer recruitment, training and development so that we can extend our opening hours and welcome more visitors.  We need to understand what our heritage is and what it can offer. In discovering and curating collections, defining conservation priorities, and engaging with our audiences we will be able to better understand our needs, and better able to develop detailed plans. At the end of the project we will have a better understanding of the range, scale, scope and conservation needs of our collections and be able to identify opportunities present by them.

Through activities such as consultancy, peer mentoring and bench-marking, we hope to undertake an options appraisal of the kinds of business activity and community and education engagement activity that we could undertake. These would be both compatible and sympathetic to the Minster’s historic setting in the Old Town of Hull and in its responsibility to be an active and growing church. Our ambition is that the heritage is better maintained and self-sustainable and that our conservation ambitions are supported and funded leaving a legacy of growth and enjoyment.

Our aims

At the end of the project the Minster will have

  • A strategic development plan in the form of a 5 year and 10 year plan linked to research needs, funding opportunities, conservation management and visitor experience and which sits alongside the Mission Action Plan, the minster routines and church calendar.

  • Robust, compliant and well-functioning management and boards

  • Clear systems and processes across management functions

  • Financial management, stability and growth opportunities defined through a business plan

  • A range of opportunities to develop and manage compatible activities which strengthen sustainability and growth in numbers of visitors and volunteers,

  • Staff and volunteers who are growing in skills and knowledge and are better equipped to manage heritage projects

Hull Minster is a priceless asset for our city and region but one that, not too long ago, was neglected and facing a perilous future.  The great doors we have entered through could have closed for ever. Now they are open again and a new chapter has begun.”
—  Rev Canon Dr Neal Barnes, May 2017