Wow! What an Easter - May Reflection

Wow, what an Easter!

The Holy Week Experience saw hundreds come through to experience the full story of Jesus’ final week on earth. On Easter Day we welcomed increased numbers at our morning services. We baptised two new members of our church (through our growing children’s choir) at the 11.15am, welcoming them into the family of God and celebrating new life in Christ. We watch (and listen!) in joy as our Minster Choir grows and leads us in beautiful worship. On Easter Eve the Minster Choir sang ‘I sat down’ by Bairstow, using text from Song of Solomon, in which we remember

‘His [God’s] Banner over me is Love’.

On Easter evening we praised God with over 500 people gathering for Easter Praise, hosted by Believe in Hull. This was a very creative service, with ‘Giants’ of shame, pride and more (shown in puppetry) ‘falling down’ in the presence of our intercession and declaring the Word of God. The ‘Roar Chorus’ used the song ‘Ain’t no Grave’ to lead us in worship:

There ain't no grave
Gonna hold my body down…

Oh, fear is a liar with a smooth and velvet tongue
Fear is a tyrant, he's always telling me to run
Oh, love is a resurrection and love is a trumpet sound
Love is my weapon, I'm gonna take my giants down

Oh, there was a battle, a war between death and life
And there on a tree, the Lamb of God was crucified
And He went on down to hell, He took back every key
He rose up as a lion and He set all captives free

But Easter isn’t over! We are now in Easter season, celebrating the truth that we, the Church, are Easter people! Jesus is alive and the Holy Spirit is available! So, we should be expectant of more growth, more baptisms, and more people coming to explore Jesus life. So let’s go!

Rev. Eve Ridgeway