Hull’s pioneer priests launch new podcast project to ‘inspire the faith conversation’

 Two Hull priests are encouraging an online congregation to talk about faith through a new podcast.

Rev Ben Norton, who ministers in Kingswood, and Rev Matt Woodcock, one of the clergy team at Holy Trinity Church, have teamed up to launch the ‘King City Revs’ project.

Their monthly magazine-style podcast includes discussion, guests, laughs and reflections. The two revs are encouraging people from all walks of life to get in touch and join in ‘the faith conversation’.

The theme of change is tackled in the first podcast. It includes interviews with a Hull pub landlady, inspiration from St Brendan and debate over whether men should leave a kiss at the end of text messages. It concludes with the Lord’s Prayer said in the foyer of Hull’s Vue Cinema. The cinema chain recently banned it from an advert for being potentially offensive to people.

You can listen to it via Audioboom at

Rev Matt said: “Every day we meet loads of people who are keen to talk about faith and spiritual issues but perhaps don’t have the opportunity. We believe that there’s no bigger questions to think about than how did we get here? Is there a God? How could faith impact my life? What happens when I die? We’ve dedicated our lives to God, but we’re not looking to tell people the ‘right’ answers. We simply want to ask some big questions and encourage folk to explore the answers for themselves. We hope that people will find the King City Revs podcast an interesting, engaging and entertaining way of doing that. In asking these questions we hope people will find some answers. That was certainly true in our case.”

Future themes for the King City Revs monthly podcast will include love, death and family life.

Rev Ben said: “Many people don’t feel comfortable coming to church on a Sunday but they still have opinions and questions about God. This podcast will see us going out to them. We believe that there’s nowhere out of bounds to God and faith. We’ll be putting that to the test by engaging with people in the pubs, cafes, shops and work places. Why not join in the conversation?”

You can join in the faith conversation with King City Revs via Twitter @kingscityrevs, Facebook or email them at    

For more information about King City Revs contact Rev Matt Woodcock on 07852340616 or Rev Ben Norton on 07780606314.