The names of the Fallen from Hull in WW1 were read out in Holy Trinity Church

 On  Sunday 8th November, Remembrance Sunday, we read out the names of  2,742 men from Hull who died in the First World War. 

The names are listed in the ‘Golden Book’, which is housed permanently in Holy Trinity, as part of the WW1 memorial at the far East end of church. The book was compiled in the aftermath of the horrendous conflict which claimed the lives of so many men. Hardly a family in Hull was left untouched by the devastation. Despite the number of names in the book, we are aware that it is not a comprehensive list because of the way the compilation was carried out.  Anyone is welcome to arrange to view the Book and check that a name or names is present. We can add names, where suitable evidence is provided.

The Vicar, the Revd. Canon Dr. Neal Barnes said, “Holy Trinity is honoured to house the Golden Book, the nearest thing we have in the city to a definitive list of all the fallen from Hull in the First World War. We read the full Role of Honour last year for the first time, and it was very poignant to hear the thousands of names being called out, reflecting that each name represented whole circles of family and friends whose lives would never be the same. To quote the Remembrance Sunday services, “We will remember them.”

For more details, please contact the Revd. Canon Dr. Neal Barnes, the Vicar of Holy Trinity, Hull on 01482 224460 or 07581 280785 or