Requirements when visiting the tower at Hull Minster.

Example Instructional sign
  • People suffering from vertigo, claustrophobia or other health problems should not enter the tower.

  • People under 17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Due to the age and nature of the structure there is no disabled access.

  • Do not touch any ropes or any equipment in the tower.

  • All warning and instructional signs must be observed.


Walking on the lead-covered tower top

Some parts of the roof are covered in lead. Please do not stand on the raised joints in the lead.

Information relevant to Health and Safety in the Tower

The entrance to the tower is within Hull Minster.

There are 83 steps in the spiral staircase from ground level to the Ringing Chamber.

The spiral staircase from ground level is relatively narrow. Care must be taken when using the spiral staircases. The treads of the spiral staircase are narrow, may be worn on the edges, and are made of stone. The rise of the steps varies. The only handrail is a rope running down the central column.

The single spiral staircase is the only means of access to the tower and it is not generally practicable for people to pass each other on the staircase.

The chancel roof may be accessed from the ringing chamber through a doorway which has restricted height.

From the ringing chamber there is a second spiral staircase which provides access to the clock room (if open), provides a view into the belfry, and continues on to the top of the tower.

This second spiral staircase is of similar construction to the first, has 88 steps, and is narrower than the first staircase.

The access to the top of the tower from the spiral staircase is through a doorway which has restricted height.

Bell ropes are coated with tallow and contact with them may permanently stain clothes or skin.

The bells pictured here and many other pieces of equipment in the tower are covered with oils or other protective treatments which may permanently stain clothes or skin