Volunteer with us

Our volunteering community makes Hull Minster the welcoming, caring place it is. Without their support and commitment, not only are we unable to open our doors, but it would be impossible for us to carry out the Minster’s mission.
There are a variety of roles throughout the Minster which gives individuals the opportunity to find the right one for them. They include;

NIKON D7000_10-08-2018-10th - Dominoes Hull_99-EDIT.jpg
  • Welcoming visitors into the Minster

  • Working on the café

  • Running the shop

  • Assisting the Facilities Manager with his duties

  • Cleaning and tidying the Minster and Parish Centre

  • Preparing and cooking the HT lunch once a month

  • Taking school children on tours of the church

  • Taking visitors on tower tours

  • Assisting with administrative duties of the Minster

  • Helping the church run events buy being front of house, setting up equipment and stewarding

We are committed to ensuring our volunteers are well trained and gain skills and experience. This is achieved by providing support in the following ways;

  • Training courses

  • Workshops

  • Informal discussions with staff members

  • Meetings with more experienced volunteers or friends groups

  • Informally trying out new roles within our organisation

By listening to our volunteers we know that during their time with us they make friends, become more active and confident, and develop a range of new skills. 
If you are interested in becoming a volunteering we would love to hear from you. Just contact us by emailing office@hullminster.org or phoning the parish centre on 01482 224460 and we can have a chat about what you would like to do.