Our Heritage

At over 700 years old, Hull Minster is as old as Hull itself. Since the 13th Century we have been a constant presence in the city centre and some say the history of the city is literally written in our walls.

With royal origins, walls built inside separating townsfolk from soldiers, strong connections to great people like Andrew Marvell and William Wilberforce, stained glass windows of national significance, and surviving both Zeppelin raids and Nazi bombings during the first and second world wars respectively, Hull Minster has an amazing story to tell.

A visit to Hull Minster is like stepping back through the ages in a city that has more than meets the eye.

Hull Minster History Group

If you are interested in the History of Hull Minster, and the role it played in the city of Hull for over 700 years, then come to one of our History Group talks. HM DOC