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Hull Minster’s Open Arts Access presents…Opera 17

Hull Minster’s Open Arts Access programme proudly presents…Opera 17

We are excited to host Opera 17 who are a group of singers performing a range of songs from grand opera to songs from the shows and operetta.


Hull Minster's Open Arts Access

Our programme offers free performance space to musicians, artists and groups.

Aimed at acoustic performers, the church is offering artists and groups the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and hone their skills. Whether a solo artist, a small band or a poet, performers will be able to develop their repertoire, experiment with new material, or build up a performance portfolio by recording the event.

The scheduled performances are available to book on Friday and Saturday afternoons from 1pm and are free of charge. Audience members may choose to make a donation, which will go to the performer.

We help publicise performances through our website, social media, print media and a network of event promoters, and provide refreshments for visitors before and after the events. Practice spaces may also be available beforehand.

To find out more information or have an informal chat about how to book an afternoon performance slot, please contact Hull Minster’s Events and Operations Manager Jane Owen at