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Open Arts Access programme proudly presents…SALT MUSIC

Hull Minster’s Open Arts Access programme proudly presents…


The Story Of Hessle Road And Its People: The Heart Of Fishing In Hull.

We are excited to host a performance of SALT MUSIC, a tribute in fusion of poems and music, to the community of Hessle Road and those who lost their lives at sea.

by Angela Brodie with music by Steve Halliwell.

Programme notes:

The fortunes of Hessle Road have been linked to the deep sea fishing industry for the past 200 years.  A thriving whaling industry in the 19th century gave way to trawling the waters of the North Sea, Iceland and the Baltic for cod and haddock. Crews headed out in tiny sailing smacks coming from Devon and SW ports to the rich North Sea fishing grounds. Later on steam trawlers - sidewinders - and then sophisticated factory ships went further and further afield with men from the east coast ports. The working conditions and losses were terrible; some 900 ships and 6,000 men were lost from Hull alone over a century and a half. In the winter of 1968 three trawlers sank with 58 men drowned, famously prompting Lily Bilocca and other wives to demand better safety on the ships. Despite changes, the Gaul went down with all hands in 1974. Declining catches and the Cod Wars with Iceland in the 70s brought an end to the industry and death to a way of life.

SALT MUSIC follows the road through time as it follows the Humber, west out of the town.  Beginning life as a drovers' route to the next market place of Hessle, the road became a way of livelihood for townsfolk, as market gardeners took over from parcel commoners and then the docks and ships were built along its side. True “Hessle Roaders” are those within the town and Dairycoates; the part west of Dairycoates to Hessle became the “posh” end to where skippers and those seeking to “move up” desired to migrate. Childhood memories and the ghosts of traders and trawlermen haunt these poems.

ANGELA BRODIE grew up in a seafaring family in Hull, the granddaughter of a trawler skipper. She was a linguist and teacher in Russia and the UK before training as a psychologist. In between, she trained in theatre arts working with ex-prisoners and socially excluded groups and appeared in musicals in London productions. She co-founded and runs BEYOND WORDS, providing a supportive ambience for new readers and established poets. She also organises spoken word and music events for the Crystal Palace Festival

STEVE HALLIWELL grew up in Hull and was a founding member of Hull Truck. He is a composer and multi-instrumentalist working extensively in theatre and rock before becoming an English teacher with a passion for poetry. In 2010 he began LiTTLe MACHiNe setting famous poems to music and collaborating with the likes of Carol Ann Duffy and Roger Mcgough. The band are currently on tour with Roger.


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