What are Discipleship Groups?

Discipleship Groups are the way which we further increase our knowledge of the Bible and increase our understanding of what being a Christian means. At Hull Minster, we believe that they are just as important to being part of the Church as coming on a Sunday. We offer a several different ways to get involved with groups.

Home Groups

Home Groups are the place where we can grow to be better worshippers and disciples. The smaller size allows us to support one another more easily and get to know people from across all the congregations.

Our home groups are usually between 4-10 people and meet across our city geographically. Each group meets on a regular basis to pray, read the Bible and worship together. We encourage people to join when starting their journey at Hull Minster to learn from one another in the journey of faith.

As groups grow we hope to see them multiply and support their upstart across the city.

Unlock the Bible & Refresh

Unlock the Bible & Refresh are our regular Bible study groups meeting in the Parish Centre on alternate Wednesdays. They dive deeper into the Bible and allow for a greater and more in-depth study of what God is telling us through scripture. These designed to be supplementary to a home group rather than a replacement.


Our music groups at Hull Minster also look to further grow in a relationship with God and bring him glory. Individuals can join these as well as a home group or Unlock the Bible & Refresh. We have both choral and contemporary worship groups meeting regularly. For more information, visit the Music at Hull Minster page.

Joining a Group

If you are interested in joining a group we encourage you to sign up below and we will give you more details about how you can get involved with that group.