Foundation Statement

At Hull Minster we have strong artistic roots with 700 years of cultural and artistic tradition. We encourage artists and performers as well as cultivating participation in the arts for city centre communities.

We believe that:

  • The arts matter and they enrich and change lives

  • Identified talent deserves to be nurtured and unidentified talent needs to be discovered

  • Arts should reflect and represent their audience

  • The arts play a positive role in health and well-being and we are committed to engaging communities in the city centre to enhance their quality of life provision.

  • Engagement with the arts can begin at any age or stage of life

  • The arts become outstanding when drawn from a diverse range of our society

  • Economic circumstance must not be the dominant determinant of who gets the opportunity to flourish and develop their talent or to enjoy the fruits of others’ talents.

Our Aims Are:

  • To enrich and strengthen the provision of music and art, reviving ancient traditions and creating new ones.

  • To develop a system of training and development which promotes and grows talent, for artists and all those who support them.

  • To make participating in the arts as a performance or as part of an audience a habitual activity from which you are not precluded because of your ability to pay. We will widen audiences.

  • To enable audiences to access high quality enjoyable, challenging and diverse art regularly.

  • To enable performers who are talent-rich and resource poor to access a space without significant cost. We will increase the variety of arts available.

  • To assist artists to develop skills through teaching, performance and exhibition.

  • To support the variety of local and visiting talent in Hull in a setting which matches their talents.

  • To become an established arts and culture provider with a seasonal programme attracting local, national and international audiences and artists.

Existing Arts Participation at Hull Minster

In establishing an arts programme we have met with artists and enabled innovative use of the church building. We have made an open call for artists to come forward so we can think about how we can accommodate their projects.  Whilst we strive for excellence, we also endeavour to nurture new talent by giving artists the ability to experiment and practice their arts in a well set up environment which is free to use at certain times.  Our point of difference will be that our daytime provision of art will be free to audiences and free to performers.

We have conducted a feasibility study and engaged over 20 performing artists - from poets, classical soloists and duets, and full theatre productions and choirs - to use our spaces to engage with local visitors.  Audiences have ranged from 12 in number up to 90 at a single performance.


At Hull Minster we ensure that social engagement is a high priority; we do this by making many events free and through developing our volunteering opportunities to support the heritage and the arts, thus reducing ticket prices. Volunteering enables our teams to gain experience in direct and related roles such as front of house, curation, tour and event planning, catering and retailing.