Work commences!

Work commences!

Every hurdle has been cleared, funding is in place, and now spades can go into the ground, to commence work on Phase 1 of Holy Trinity’s amazing development work.

The final piece in the jigsaw came when the Chancellor of the Diocese of York, Peter Collier QC, having given due consideration to all the arguments placed before him, gave legal permission (known as a ‘faculty’) for the initial phase of work. Phase 1 will involve a complete transformation of the churchyard, in parallel with the Council’s reordering of the rest of Trinity Square.

There will be a new surface, the church wall will be removed at the western end to create a big, open, welcoming square, and limited car parking, particularly for disabled users, will be provided on the northern side of the church.


“We have waited for this day for so long,” said Rev Canon Dr Neal Barnes. “Now we can begin the work that will help us welcome the entire community into Holy Trinity. Gone will be the uneven churchyard and the wall that seems to say ‘keep out’. There will be a whole new space for the entire community, and a warm welcome that says, ‘come in’.” Obtaining permission was not a straightforward process: our project manager, Mark Coates from Alan Wood & Partners and architect Guy Smith from Bauman Lyons worked tirelessly.

Given such a large develoment, there were remarkably few objections, but every viewpoint was carefully considered by the Chancellor. Ultimately, however, he noted the ‘benefit that will flow to the wider community in the city’ and added that “I have no hesitation in concluding that these benefits will be real and substantial and that the balance comes down firmly in their favour.”

“In my judgement both the church and the city will benefit from the opening up of this space,” he continued.

Now the work begins, to create a fabulous square at the West End of the church during 2016. It will be a place where community events and concerts happen, where people gather, where a future Holy Trinity café spills out on a sunny day. Most of all, it will be a space than leads people right up to the grand west door of Holy Trinity, and invites them inside Hull’s most amazing Grade I listed building.