How much can you turn a tenner into?

Tenner give away

Here’s a great new way to help raise money for the shop as part of the development project….and it involves the Vicar giving away money.

We want to give you £10 to do something special to raise money for the Holy Trinity Development Project. Here’s how it works:

Q: How do I get my £10?
A: Fill in a voucher and hand it to Jonny Bottomley. He’ll give you a tenner for it.

Q: Where do I get my voucher from?
A: You can pick one up from various places within the church, or you can download and print one off from here.

Q: What do I do then?
A: Use your tenner to get your fundraising going. Bake cakes, organise a coffee morning, organise a five-a-side, paint a picture and put it on ebay...etc Let your ideas go crazy, and let’s see what you can turn a tenner into. Tell Jonny what your idea is (so we know who’s doing what, and we can help promote it). Then, go for it

Click on image to download form.

Click on image to download form.

Q: What do I do with the money raised?
A: Give it to Jonny at the Parish Centre in a clearly marked envelope, with a note inside saying who it’s from.

Q: Will my money make any difference?
A: YES! We’ll put your money towards fitting out our new, improved shop, where visitors will be able to buy a great range of gifts. You’ll help us draw people in to the church, and engage with them when they visit us.

Q: So how do I contact Jonny?
A: Telephone 01482 224460, email or visit him at the Parish Centre in Trinity Square.

T&Cs This money can only be used to raise funds for Holy Trinity’s Development Project and money returned must included the initial £10 plus the total amount raised.