HLF Grant Aided Repairs

Expressions of interest are invited from contractors with suitable skills and experience to undertake repairs to this Grade I listed church. The works will comprise complete re-covering of the nave roof with lead including the parapet gutters, new chute outlets, refurbishment/replacement of the cast iron rainwater goods, etc. The work also includes for repair of clerestorey windows to north and south sides, with glazing panel and glass repairs and sundry south clerestorey stonework repairs. The approximate value of the works is £179,000.00 excluding VAT.

Contractors expressing an interest will be asked to complete a Pre-qualification Questionnaire (PQP) and, following assessment of PQPs, formal tenders will be invited from a shortlist of no more than 5 contractors. Contractors will be required to demonstrate that they can provide the necessary craft and management skills and treat historic fabric with due care and respect. Contractors must be registered with that the tender documents will be issued in August 2016, and that works on site will commence in spring 2017. No liability or costs will be accepted for work involved in making any submissions and no guarantee is given that any contract will be offered.

Apply in writing to: Ferrey and Mennim Ltd Architects, The Innovation Centre, Innovation Way, Heslington, York YO10 5DG

Email: info@ferreyandmennim.co.uk

Essential roof repairs

Photograph by Chris Fenton, Octovision Media Ltd, 07539 472759

Photograph by Chris Fenton, Octovision Media Ltd, 07539 472759

Hull Minster is to receive a grant from Heritage Lottery Fund of £21,800 to undertake surveys, reports and investigations into the condition of the church roof with the aim of securing a further grant of £195,000 from HLF for a new roof at the end of 2016.  They have received a first round pass which means that HLF believes the project has potential to deliver high-quality benefits and value for Lottery money.

The roof is currently in a dire state with church volunteers forced to put out dozens of buckets during Sunday services to catch the rain during heavy downpours.

The church needs to replace the eroded asphalt roof which was put into Hull Minster during the 1970s and the estimated cost of this will be around £274,000.

Thanks to National Lottery players the essential survey work can now take place to inform the second round application, which will also include a public engagement project where a webcam will be linked to the roof to allow viewing of the works.

Heritage Lottery Funding has been awarded to help secure the fabric of this historically important building and retain a key historic asset in the City Centre. The important history of the building since it was founded in 1285 and as the Civic Church for the city since 1661 helped secure the funding to restore the roof.  The history of the city is reflected throughout Hull Minster with William Wilberforce MP worshiping in Hull Minster and being baptised in the Medieval Font and significant maritime memorials throughout the church recognising the importance of the sea to Hull and those who have worshiped at Hull Minster through the ages. For over 700 years’ people have gathered to worship in Hull Minster and adapted the building to suit the needs of the time, during the civil war horses were stabled within the church and the 19th century saw significant growth and remodelling of the church and the installation of many of the stained glass windows that can be seen today.

The Revd Canon Dr Neal Barnes, vicar of Hull Minster, said: “We are delighted that this desperately -needed work can now begin, thanks to the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund. Whilst exciting things have been happening at Hull Minster over recent years and we have great plans for its future, without water-tight roofs, our services and activities are so often compromised by the dispiriting sight and sound of dripping water! With the completion of this work, we will be able to enjoy the building to the full as our ambitious plans for the future come to fruition.Fiona Spiers, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund, Yorkshire and Humber, said; “There is a place of worship in almost every ward, village and town across the Yorkshire and Humber region, providing a very powerful visual connection with our past.  This grant will not only secure the immediate future of this historic building, but will enable the community and visitors to get involved and learn about the significant part this church has played in local and national history .”

It is anticipated that the development and investigation phase of the roof work will be completed by the autumn with the major works undertaken by the end of 2017. There will be little disruption to the life of Hull Minster with all services and activities able to continue within the church while the roof works are undertaken.

York-based conservation practice Ferrey and Mennim have been appointed as the Project Architects to support the delivery of the roof project. Director, Andrew Boyce, said: "We are delighted to be continuing our work with the PCC at Hull Minster, having been involved with fabric repair issues since 1999. The nave roof repair is a major piece of work and will be crucial in allowing the Church's development to continue over the coming decades.