Plaza Welcomes Visitors

The first phase of Holy Trinity’s development project was complete, when, just before Christmas, the new Trinity Square opened to the public.

Just as planned, the square has been re-visioned as a fantastic open space. Most importantly, with the Victorian church wall gone from the front of the churchyard, the square invites people to walk right up to the church and come in.

“On Christmas Eve we opened the great west door for the first time in 14 months,” said Rev Canon Dr Neal Barnes, “and saw the square from an entirely new perspective. The view was breath-taking. Everyone has been commenting on the sense of space, and the fact that Trinity Square is actually far bigger than any of us had realised.”

Throughout Christmas and New Year, footfall in the new square clearly increased. Moreover, more people than ever before were noticing Holy Trinity. Even when the doors were closed, numbers of people were photographing the church, or having their picture taken outside it.

“Isn’t is stunning?” commented Appeal Deputy Chairman Stephen Martin. “We wanted the square to welcome people into the church; the old church wall seemed to say, ‘Keep out’. That’s exactly how it has worked out. It’s a wonderful focal point.”