Past fundraising events & donations




£20 raised by the sale of our 'meeting chairs'

£500 donated by Rev Irene Wilson and Jane Owen by eating just the contents of their larders and freezers for lent, and donating their shopping allowance.

£228 raised by the Quiz Night

£454 raised by Holy Trinity's Almighty Coffee Morning



£316 raised by the HT Crafters event

£10 donated by Miss McKenzie

£20 raised through the refreshments for a University of Hull event.

£96 raised by Olivia Hemingway’s bake sale at Archbishop Sentamu Academy

Read more about Olivia's bake sale...




£35 raised by Ken Knox from the sale of his halibut soup

£3,852 raised by the sale of the York Stone

£1,222 raised by the sale of the old café table & chairs

£200 raised by Mrs Rainer from a raffle at her local pub

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