Rev Canon Dr Neal Barnes, Vicar

Rev Canon Dr Neal Barnes, Vicar

After so much planning, so much fundraising,  so much hard work by so many people, we’ve really begun!

I am delighted that we’re transforming Holy Trinity for the 21st century and beyond; creating a space to better serve the Community, and from which we can express God’s love for all the people of Hull. But we have much more to do. In this newsletter you can read about Phase 2, which really is the heart of our development; the part that makes so much possible.

We already have half the funds needed to complete Phase 2, but we need to raise £800,000 in the next year. That, alongside gaining the necessary further permissions, has become our priority.

As with Phase 1, there will be large and small  donations: the parishioner who can give a few pounds, and the person, perhaps reading these words now, who is moved to contribute a six figure sum. I’m grateful to everyone: those who have given, those who will come forward to create something amazing at the heart of Hull.