Prayers for Prince Charles

Early in February 2017, Prince Charles came to visit Holy Trinity. When the news was announced, we in HT Kids and HT Youth decided we wanted to give him something.  And since Dan loved his prayer book (see Prayers for Dan below), we made one for Prince Charles too.  We prayed for his family, his charity work, his responsibilities as next in line, his health and Home Farm!

As soon as Prince Charles was given the book he was looking through it and reading the prayers with a big smile on his face. It even made it onto the twitter for Clarence House (his official twitter) , as well as Viking FM, BBC Humberside, Premier, the Hull Daily Mail and loads of other news reports! We hope that any time Prince Charles needs encouragement he can look at the prayers and remember that God loves him and will look after him, just like we know God looks after us.

HT Kids Christmas Party

Christmas is a time for celebrating, especially if you believe in Jesus! We held a party to celebrate Jesus’ birthday and filled the church with tons of fun activities and an epic Christmas playlist. From video games, train sets and races in the chancel, to paper chains, Christmas cards, puzzle sheets and angel-making under the tower, to the prayer corner, reading corner, and nativity sets it was a great day for all who came!


Once every two or three months, HT Kids write prayers and lead the prayers and intercessions at our 9.30 service. And their prayers are amazing. They’re so amazing that loads of people asked us to put them online! We’re tweeting them every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from the @holytrinityhull twitter account with the hashtag #PrayersbyHTKids, and they’re now some of our most popular tweets! 


Saturday Celebration - Facing Giants

Facing Giants2.jpg

Like any Saturday Celebration, this was full of games, gunge and God – but with added giants this time too!  This time we were looking at the story of David and Goliath and how one young boy managed to face an actual giant! We also exploredwhat it means to be brave and stand up for what you believe in and that we don’t do it alone - God is with us and helping us!

Light Party 2016!

We dug out the mocktails, crafts, cakes, fairy lights, crazy costumes and glow sticks to have a great big party celebrating the fact that even when the world seems bad and hopeless, there is a light in the darkness! While our quiz showed that while no-one knows Charlotte’s favourite teenage superheroes (Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir) we were amazed at how many heroes people know and look up to.  Bookmark making, glass painting, and other arty things showed us that Jesus is the ultimate superhero and will always be there for us when we need him.  Add in Just Dance contests, apple bobbing, twister, hands-free doughnut eating and neon biscuit icing and you’ve got yourself a party! 

Prayers for Dan

Recently, Dan and Bekkie got married. And since Dan leads our HT Youth and some HT Kids activities, we decided we should make them a book of prayers that we’d made and decorated for them! Everyone aged 2-18 took part and created a huge number of really thoughtful, honest, heartfelt prayers!

Soul Survivor - An archbishop, a headphone disco and then we rebuilt the ark?

For one sunny week in July, HT Youth relocated to a field in Staffordshire to join 5,000 other teenagers in worshipping God together. With incredible worship, great teaching, 'colour chaos' paint parties and some life-changing prayer ministry it was definitely a week to remember! Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby came to visit, the Liv village choir inspired us with their singing and their stories and the final fancy dress night had us building our own cardboard ark (which Dan thinks was equal to Noah's, but the rest of us had our doubts that it would float...!) Check out the video below to see the week in all it's glory! 


Mega Makers make magnificent, marvellous, magical mess!

Mega Makers Holiday club went off with a bang as we explored the world around us and found out some really incredible things about Jesus. Professor Ian Ventor managed to complete his Mechanical Miracle Matter Maker despite the interference of Dr Upton O'Good, Bob and Gemma showed us the amazing animals at the Deep and the Eden Project, Bethany made an amazing volcano in church, 4 leaders got pied repeatedly in the face and we learned how wide and long and high and deep the love of Jesus is. Wow! 




Saturday Celebration - U R LOVED

HT Kids had another mega-celebration on 7th May, jam-packed with activities and fun! A sell-out event, the church was filled with children and leaders hearing about how much God loves them and how God calls us his children. Even if we don't know who our parents are, or we don't get along with them - God wants to be our perfect dad who is always looking out for us!

We had lots of fun with our games, crafts, songs, gunging, discussions and creative prayer - Tim the puppet even came to visit again, with his friends Ruthie and Scott! 

Our next Saturday Celebration is 'Lost and Found' on 18th June - book now to avoid disappointment!


Guardians of Ancora Holiday Club brings light to Holy Trinity

From 29th March to 1st April, Holy Trinity's chancel was turned into a Hall of Memory and children came to hear the stories of Jesus. It was a week full of excitement, fun and activity, as well as more serious and thoughtful moments. Tim the puppet returned to tell everyone the daily news, Swift and Dash got tangled up in their quest to find the Golden Shield and we learned how to pray using mexican waves! 

The holiday club even took over the 9.30 service at church on the 3rd September, teaching the rest of the church some of the songs from the week and introducing them to key elements of the club and sharing with everyone about the one God we need to love with everything we have. 

"The holiday club was such amazing fun and we all learned a lot - even the leaders! It was especially awesome to be able to share it with the wider church family on the Sunday too." Charlotte, holiday club organiser

"My two boys, aged 4 and 7, absolutely loved The Guardians of Ancora themed holiday club at Holy Trinity. They were full of excitement recalling every element of the club ... and asked to watch other stories when they returned home. I cannot believe the amount of different activities that were squeezed into each session and how they genuinely absorbed all the information they were given by their leaders." Eszti, parent

" I loved the holiday club it was brilliant. I liked dancing to songs about Jesus." Holly, age 4

"It was a privilege to be involved in such a great club that taught the kids about Jesus and his life in such a fun way." Sarah, team member

Look out for our next holiday club in August, and our Saturday Celebrations in May and June!  



F5 Youth Bible study starts at Holy Trinity Parish Centre

After being requested by members of HT Youth, a new Bible study called F5 has been created for the teenagers of the church. Running on Fridays at 5pm, 11-13s are going to be looking at the book of Philippians, while those 14 and over are going to be doing a series on the Holy Spirit and preparation for going to Soul Survivor. Each week will have snacks, Bible study, fellowship and lots of interactivity and opportunities to see how the Bible is relevant to our lives today. 

Summer Term dates for F5 are: 8th April, 22nd April, 6th May, 20th May, 3rd June (half term social), 17th June, 1st July, 15th July.


Saturday Celebration - 'Why Believe?'

As part of 'Prayer and Parties Week' at Holy Trinity, HT Kids had a big celebration in the chancel, with HT Youth being part of our amazing Junior Team. Charlotte told us all about the '4 Points', which sum up what Christians believe, and Dan told us a little bit about his life and why he is a Christian. We also got to meet Dan's puppet friend Tim, sang songs about our 'Super Saviour' Jesus, did some incredible artwork, challenged each other in team games and ate some scrummy cake! Then we had a big quiz where you could win a chance to pie Charlotte in the face! 

It was amazing fun and we're planning on holding Saturday Celebrations every other month, so watch this space!


Christmas Parties

On 21st December, HT Kids and HT Youth each had a Christmas party in the church to celebrate the start of the holidays and Jesus’ birthday. With plenty of games and activities, TONS of food and mocktails, and Dan and Charlotte leading Christmas reflections, it was a great time children and youth from the community to come together for some festive fun!

Christmas Posada

Posadas are a tradition primarily celebrated in Mexico and Guatemala, where nativity characters travel around different homes. We adapted this, and created a box full of nativity characters, stories, prayers, ideas and devotions that made its way around eleven houses in the church. Our journal is full of stories and pictures of how families used it to think about Jesus’ birth and made their Christmas more special – do ask Charlotte if you’d like to have a look! We received such amazing, enthusiastic feedback so it will certainly be running again next year, and an Easter posada is also coming to Holy Trinity! Check out details in our ‘Coming Up’ section for more information on how to sign up for these!

Explore Together

We all have different tastes and preferences – we are artists, scholars, reflectors, fact finders, readers, writers, musicians, actors, talkers and listeners. And we engage more meaningfully in an activity if it fits with our natural preferences. Explore Together is based on this principle and we are running Explore Together sessions in HT Kids and HT Youth once a month, usually on the last Sunday of the month. For more information, check out or chat to Charlotte


Light Party

n the 30th October HT Kids held a Light Party at Holy Apostles! A light party is an alternative to Halloween, celebrating the light and love of God. This year, the light party had the theme of 'Guardians of Ancora', which is a new app to help kids explore the Bible. We had games, crafts, food, mocktails and even a few leaders dressed up in silly costumes as characters from Ancora!  Look at our photos to see just some of the fun!


  11th October marked our Harvest celebrations, and the prayers at both morning services were written and led by members of HT Kids and HT Youth. The prayers really reflected the harvest themes of thanking God for all he has given us, and acknowledging that we often do not appreciate or look after God’s gifts as we should. Thank you and well done to everyone who wrote or read a prayer!