A fitting memorial

Dedicate a chair or pew

Holy Trinity’s amazing transformation will open the church to the community as never before.

One of the most important changes is that the nave (the main ‘body’ of the church) will become a flexible, open space, where seating will be provided on elegant, purpose designed wooden chairs.

Some of our pews will be shortened and made movable within the church. These can be brought into the nave on special occasions. At other times, they will be placed in our north choir aisle, creating a peaceful chapel, that might be used for special services, and memorial events, particularly for our regiments and seafarers, who are already remembered in that part of the church.

We are offering a limited opportunity for people to dedicate chairs and pews in memory of a loved one who has departed, or to celebrate a person, a church, school, club, company, regiment or other organisation. You might even name a chair after yourself.

What a lovely act of dedication. Not only will you help us raise the funds that will transform the church, but every time your chair is used, at a concert or performance, for Sunday worship, or when we serve the community by helping those less fortunate, your dedication will be on display.

Your dedication message will be printed on a special plaque, fixed to the back of the chair or pew.

The chairs we have chosen are as elegant as they are comfortable, in keeping with our wonderful church. We ask that for each chair you donate £150 – that’s how much the chair costs us to buy.

These pews will be strictly limited in number, and we are inviting donations of at least £500 to place dedications upon them. Again, a specially manufactured plaque can bear your chosen dedication.

Your gift will go towards our amazing development project. We need £4.5 million to complete all the work we need to do. We’ve raised half that sum already, and every single donation helps to take us towards our target.

Simply click the button below to order online or fill out a form and drop a cheque or cash into the Parish Office (10a-11 King Street, Hull HU1 2JJ) for the attention of Jonny Bottomley.  Forms can be found in Holy Trinity or download by clicking here.


Ordering memorials

Simply click on the button below to order a chair or pew online or download the leaflet by clicking here and drop a cheque into the Parish Office (10a-11 King Street, Hull HU1 2JJ) for the attention of Jonny Bottomley.