Amazing SPACE

Holy Trinity is Hull’s most amazing building.  We want to open it up to the entire community. We will invite people into our incredible building for concerts, performances, exhibitions and banquets, as well as for Christian worship. 

We want to be the ‘go to’ space in Hull’s Old Town, the first stop for tourists, the place where local people gather.  We want to be the place where you’ll go for coffee and cake amidst medieval splendour. 

We want to be the place that serves the community in every possible way; the place where people who are hurting or in need will know that they are respected, listened to and helped.  We want to be at the heart of an economic regeneration; if we get our project right, we can help to make Hull’s Od Town thrive, with new prosperity, jobs, and the opportunities that one of the UK’s most economically depressed cities desperately needs.  And we want to preserve over 700 years of amazing heritage.  Holy Trinity is Hull’s outstanding Grade I listed building, the place that tells of Hull’s origins, and where the city’s history is written on the walls.

We want to preserve that invaluable narrative, and we want to add our chapter.  What we can achieve truly is amazing.  Will you help us achieve it?

We are restoring our magnificent, medieval building to its former glory and reordering it to create, in Holy Trinity, a community hub that will meet the needs of people living in and around one of the UK’s most deprived cities. We aim to become a catalyst for the economic regeneration of the Old Town by attracting visitors to our heritage collections, our cafe, and to concerts, performances, banquets, exhibitions, and all kinds of exciting events.

We will continue to grow our social welfare activities, helping those around us who are in need, vulnerable, isolated or lonely. Our upgraded facilities will enable us to improve the quality of current activities, increase the number of participants and set up new activities to meet the needs of our community. We also aim to increase volunteering opportunities, further develop our volunteering training programme, and provide facilities to support volunteers.

Holy Trinity has over 700 years of history written within it's walls. We aim to house our heritage collections appropriately, using technology to enable visitors to engage in our local history and reveal the treasures of Holy Trinity's past. We will clean, restore and renovate the East end of the church, safeguarding the heritage for future generations.

Our project

By focusing on key areas within our building we will restore and re-order Holy Trinity in a cohesive manor to maximise impact and achieve our aims. Each part of the project has multiple benefits which all relate to the mission of the church. We plan to:

in 2016:

  • Reordered churchyard - remove the wall to welcome people in, rather than presenting a physical and psychological barrier, and thus create a large space for community and church events. 
  • Nave - reorder the furniture to create a large, open space reminiscent of the medieval church, but importantly, suitable for concerts, performances, banquets and Christian worship.
  • Improving accessibility - reconfigure the entrance area to enable access for all and install accessible toilets, a hearing loop, and renewed disabled access ramps
  • Visitor centre / shop - create a space for visitors to engage with our heritage and begin their learning journey. Develop a bright, enjoyable shop..
  • Servery and open seating - construct a portable kitchen servery and develop kitchen facilities.
  • Staff / volunteer / green room - create an accessible and safe area for storage and changing with hand washing and shower facilities, and a small kitchen preparation area.
  • Heating - install underfloor heating; at present the church is forbiddingly cold in winter, and both costly and inefficient to heat .
  • Sound, light and tehcnical specifications - we will upgrade sound and lighting, and improve the mechanical and electrical specification of the building to support a wide range of events.
  • St Lukes Chapel - use wheeled pews from the nave during special services, and renovate the chapel and curate the collections of war memorabilia, historic memorials and art.

in 2018:

  • Heritage - curate and exhibit heritage collections, and develop interpretive materials and resources to support and encourage life long learning.
  • Restoration - revitalise the east end heritage through comprehensive renovation; stained glass windows, stonework and tracery, walls and flooring will all be cleaned and restored, safeguarding our vital heritage for future generations to enjoy.
  • Cafe - build a cafe on the South-West corner of the church, with seating situated into the church and out onto the square.
  • Kitchen - provides catering facilities for church and community use.
  • Choir vestry / teaching room - install multimedia teaching facilities and equipment.

Our challenge

Bondholders Nave

We  are amazed at the overwhelming support we have received from the public. Our challenge is to raise £4.5m to complete the works and we are well underway. Through generous donations from our congregation, the public and trusts we have raised more than £2.25m to date and are focused on working hard to raise the remaining £2.25m.

Your involvement is essential to the success of our project and there are many opportunities to become involved. The church is always in need of welcomers and volunteers, to enable us to remain open for visitors and tourists. We would be delighted if you could donate to our project, which you can do by clicking through to our support page.

You could also tell other people about our amazing development, whether by word of mouth, or email, or on Facebook or Twitter.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the project or if you have any questions, please contact our Development Director, Brian Gilliland by emailing or by calling him on 07768 301707.