Amazing Development


Over the past five years we have seen a steady growth in our congregation which is largely attributed to offering a range of different worship styles; informal and family-friendly, formal with robed choir, contemporary style, lunch time prayers, Holy Communion and a praise service. We understand that the relationship one has with God is personal and worship needs to stay relevant to keep up with changes happening in society.

We are blessed with a truly amazing building which provides a range areas to accommodate most of our worship needs. The purpose of the development project is to enable us to improve the quality of the all manor of worship by providing the facilities to do so, and to give us the flexibility to arrange the church specifically to meet the needs of the services, mission groups, pastoral activities and religious events.

The development project includes reordering the nave which will provide a large open space to be used in a variety of ways. Flexible seating arrangements allows for the layout be customised to provide a personal approach for different styles of services, weddings, funerals and christenings. A stage can be erected for christian and interfaith conferences, lectures and talks. Choral singers from soloists to choirs, and orchestras will have a large performance space which faces the audience.

We will create an intimate feel to St Luke's chapel, perfect for lunchtime communions, small scale services; and reflective style services, by relocating the pews from the nave and renovating and reordering the war and maritime memorials.

The future is exciting and we know that the development project will provide us with the right tools to enable us to meet our target of growing the congregation and in doing so, to bless more our local community through the presentation of a living, practical faith.

Below is a breakdown of how the key elements of the development project will benefits worship at Holy Trinity;

Visitor centre / shop

  • Increased space to sell Christian resources including bibles, literature and accessories

Flexible meeting space

  • A safe, comfortable and flexible space for Sunday school, enabling us to split up age groups
  • A space for pastoral conversations and prayer ministry
  • Suitable space for small group gatherings e.g. disciple groups, grow groups, team meetings

Reordering of the nave

  • Allows flexible seating for different styles of services and a more personal approach
  • Space for interfaith and Christian conferences and meetings
  • Flexibility for weddings, funerals, christenings and special services
  • Large area for major Christian festival displays to increase impact
  • Under our new minster role, invite local and national churches to use the church for special services...etc
  • A potential northern base for national church services and events
  • An ideal space for lecture series, talks and demonstrations
  • Widen the opportunity for practicing and performing from soloists to larger choirs and orchestras
  • Exhibitions of ecclesiastical nature; e.g tapestries, silver & religious heritage


  • Enables equal access to the building and a safe exit
  • Increase viability of the church's interior
  • Professional hub for the HT welcome team enabling the distribution of service materials
  • An inviting area to let people know what is going on in the church

Toilet extension

  • Adequate and hygienic toilets for a larger congregation
  • Installation of a universally accessible toilet (DDA compliant)
  • Child and baby changing facilities
  • Ability to separate visitors with performers e.g. choir and children performers


  • Ideal environment for informal meetings
  • A base for faith grow groups
  • After service socialising
  • Cafe style church services
  • Ideal area for bespoke mission events
  • Acoustic worship gatherings
  • Great environment for an informal gathering for speakers
  • Inviting place for other churches to use
  • Unique venue for one off events such as Christian meetings, prayer groups and teen clubs


  • Cooking facilities, baking church cakes
  • Catering for all church events

St Luke's Chapel

  • Place of active worship for lunchtime communions, small scale services; complin, and reflective style services
  • A peaceful area for remembrance

Reordered churchyard

  • An ideal area for outdoor services in the square
  • Opportunity for large scale celebrations of the major Christian festivals e.g the live nativity and passion plays