Amazing Development

HT artist's impression south aisle showing cafe.jpg

We aim to make Hull’s most amazing place even more amazing.  We are planning a restoration and re-ordering project that will restore and preserve our  heritage, whilst enabling us to welcome many, many more people into our incredible church. 

We’re planning to:

  • Create a stunning, top quality café, right inside the church
  • Restore the building to its former glory
  • Create a big, open space in the nave that will be suitable for concerts, banquets, events, exhibitions
  • Re-order our churchyard, and together with Hull City Council, create a fabulous, open, welcoming public space in Trinity Square, that invites visitors to come into the church

We want to be the start point for increasing numbers of tourists, keen to explore not just the church, but Hull’s historic Old Town.  We want every school-child in Hull to come to Holy Trinity to learn of their heritage.  We want Holy Trinity to be an inspirational focus at the centre of a regenerated, revitalised Old Town; a lively yet relaxed beautiful place.

We want our amazing space to be at the centre of things, just as Edward I imagined it would be.

Support our project

To realise this amazing vision, we need to raise £4.5 million.  We’ve already raised £1.5 million.  We need people like you to support us in raising the balance. 

Whether you can give a few pounds or many thousands, we need your help. 

To learn more, or to discuss how you can help, contact our Development Director, Brian Gilliland, by emailing or by calling him on 07768 301707.

If you can donate now, then click here to download the forms or click the donate button below;